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  • Competition

    Every year, M.E. Support holds a competition to send someone flowers for International May 12th Awareness Day.

  • Countdown Clock

    This is a brief history of International May 12th Awareness Day accompanied by the countdown clock.

  • M.E. Support Online Shop

    The M.E. Support Online Shop provides a range of products to raise awareness. You can order items quickly and conveniently using secure payment facilities. M.E. Support welcomes customers from all over the world. M.E. Support Gift Vouchers are available in multiples of £5 and redeemable online.

  • M.E. Support Publicity

    This page covers promotional material, with items including posters, leaflets and business cards. You will also find M.E. Support press releases and other information for the media. I occasionally attend events to promote M.E. Support and publish the details here.

  • M.E. Support Newsletter

    This free monthly e-newsletter provides global research and news, along with highlighting M.E. Support updates and offers.

  • M.E. Support Facebook Page

    An introduction to the M.E. Support Facebook Page, a moderated space on the social networking service.

  • Volunteer

    Here you will find information on how to become an M.E. Support volunteer and what you can do to help. You can also get to know the volunteers and learn about the importance of helping those affected by M.E.

  • Donations

    If this website or any other service provided through M.E. Support has been of use to you, please consider helping to support and continue this important work.

  • Sponsorship

    Please consider becoming a corporate, family or individual sponsor for M.E. Support in 2015/6.


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15th Anniversary

It is with great pleasure that I announce that this year, 2016, marks the 15th Anniversary of M.E. Support.

Please take a moment to read the Anniversary Statement and join me in celebrating this wonderful milestone.


Trending Topics

Lyme Disease has received a lot of media coverage recently. The subject is covered on M.E. Support in Lyme Disease / Borreliosis & M.E. in the United Kingdom.

For additional help and support, please visit Lyme Disease Action
(UK) or LymeDisease.org (USA). 



I recently had the honour of being interviewed by M.E. Support Ambassador, Rochelle Hanslow.

Never Give Up provides some insight into my life and work with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.


Online Shop

The M.E. Support Online Shop provides a range of products including Awareness Ribbons, Silicone Wristbands, Window Stickers and Cotton Tote Bags.

You can order items quickly and conveniently using secure payment facilities. M.E. Support welcomes customers from all over the world.



Gift Vouchers

M.E. Support Gift Vouchers are available in multiples of £5 through PayPal. They are valid against any items in the M.E. Support Online Shop. The vouchers never expire and can be used as full or part payment.

You can send a voucher to the recipient via e-mail or print a paper copy to give them in person. The voucher will arrive complete with instructions on how to use it. Please click the button below to customise your voucher and then proceed to checkout.


Facebook Page

The M.E. Support Facebook Page is a moderated space on the social networking service.

This is an ideal place to read and comment on the latest news, discuss and seek advice on issues affecting M.E., along with getting to know like-minded people.

Simply log in or sign up for free and click 'Like' to join this popular service.





Please take a moment to subscribe to the free M.E. Support Newsletter.

This monthly e-newsletter
provides global research and news, along with highlighting M.E. Support updates and offers.



Every year, M.E. Support holds a competition to send someone flowers for International May 12th Awareness Day.

Who would you nominate to receive this surprise gift? Please visit the M.E. Support Competition page for further details.


How to Help

M.E. Support currently has a number of Volunteer opportunities

M.E. Support gratefully receives
Donations and welcomes corporate, family or individual

Would you like to promote a product or service? Reach potential customers with an Advertising package from M.E. Support.

M.E. Support will be launching fundraising packs and media kits later this year.



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30 Nov 2016
New M.E. Support Blog
29 Nov 2016
Giving Tuesday
26 Nov 2016
Amazon Wishlist Donation
22 Nov 2016
Pin Badges
16 Nov 2016
M.E. Support Advertisements
1 Nov 2016
University of Bristol Trial
13 Oct 2016
Awareness Balloons
11 Oct 2016
M.E. Support Interview
9 Oct 2016
M.E. Support Notice
1 Oct 2016

Diary Dates 2016/17

Int. CIND Awareness Day
12 May, Global

7th Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium
31 May - 1 June, London

12th Int. ME Conference
2 June, London

Severe ME Day
8 August, UK

#MillionsMissing M.E. Protest

CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative

Invisible Illness Awareness Week
25 Sept. - 1 Oct., Global

13th Int. IACFS/ME Research & Clinical Conference

Collaborating for Change


Forthcoming Articles

The following articles are being written or updated and will be published in the near future.

  1. A Self-Help Guide to Managing M.E.
  2. Complementary & Alternative Medicine
  3. Facing M.E. With Faith
  4. I'm a Fighter
  5. M.E. is not ME
  6. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: Men vs Women
  7. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis:
    Unravelling The Controversy
  8. My Lessons in M.E., Life, Love & Loss
  9. Pernicious Anaemia
  10. Screw M.E.
  11. The Long Road to Diagnosis
  12. The War Against ME
  13. Young People with M.E.

Amazon Wishlist

One of the biggest expenses I have with running M.E. Support is the cost of office supplies. I created an Amazon Wishlist so that you have the choice of supporting this cause with tangible items as an alternative to making a monetary donation.

Please consider purchasing an item from the list and Amazon will dispatch it to M.E. Support on your behalf. I currently require the following items and would appreciate any help you can provide:


Hire Me

Through my experiences as an M.E. sufferer and webmaster, I have expanded my knowledge of health related issues, along with gaining skills in multimedia management.

I am currently available to Hire for the following projects:

  • Reviews and sponsored posts related to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for M.E. Support.
  • Freelance writing assignments in the area of health.
  • Content creation and content curation for websites/blogs and social media.

Book Royalties

Author Jason Ellis has been writing fiction for children and young adults for several years. His popular books include The Amelia Maylock series and The Holly Silverstone adventures.

He has just launched his latest book, My Long Journey To Sincerity: Elana Mayne, which is now available on Amazon. The story follows sixteen year old Elana who overhears a secret conversation and witnesses a terrible crime.

Jason has followed my work here at M.E. Support with great interest over the years. He has kindly offered to donate a percentage of the royalties for each copy sold to this important cause.



Myalgic Encephalomyelitis 

"my-AL-jik" means muscle pain.

means inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.