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I have been building this useful resource since launching M.E. Support in 2001. At the time I was the first person to have gathered this information, having searched the Internet and contacted numerous groups. You will now find similar lists elsewhere but this remains a popular part of M.E. Support. I have split the list into two alphabetical sections; National, International & Overseas, along with UK & Republic of Ireland. I am not associated with these organisations and the details are provided for information purposes only.

Groups in England are listed by counties but the catchment areas of some groups extend into more than one county; although you may live in one county, your nearest group may be based in another. If the group does not have a Website or an e-mail address you will find their telephone number and/or postal address. Please Contact Me if you have a submission/update or locate an error. This page was last reviewed in September 2014 and I currently have no further information.

I previously provided a list of M.E. related Websites, such as those created by fellow M.E. sufferers, along with Internet based groups and forums. However, with the ever expanding Internet this has become an impossible task! You will however find links to some recommended sites throughout M.E. Support. I advise on caution when searching for information and to follow reputable recommendations.

Lastly, do not forget the M.E. Support Facebook Page which is a great place to meet other sufferers and seek advice.




M.E. My Story is a personal account of life with this
debilitating neurological disease.

This revealing article was published in 2001 and recently updated.



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21 Oct 2014
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21 Oct 2014
Prof. Leonard Jason
20 Oct 2014
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20 Oct 2014
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18 Oct 2014
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16 Oct 2014
CMRC Conference Report
16 Oct 2014
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14 Oct 2014
$1.85m M.E./CFS Grant
8 Oct 2014
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8 Oct 2014
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Your illness does not define you.

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ICE Campaign

In case of emergency (ICE) is a campaign that enables first responders and hospital personnel to contact the next of kin of the owner of a mobile phone to obtain important medical or support information.

Programme "ICE" into your mobile phone with the name of your emergency contact. Put a sticker on your phone to alert others and place details in your wallet/purse.

Medical bracelets and iPhone emergency apps are another useful forms of identification.