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“These beautifully written and wonderfully honest true-life stories form the backbone of M.E. Support.”

V. Meikle

    • A Buddhist Woman Confronts M.E.

      This is the inspirational story of Venerable Lobsang Rinchen Khandro.

    • Caring for Someone with M.E.

      Please Contact Me if you would like to write about this subject for M.E. Support.

    • Coping with M.E., a Young Family and Twins!

      Claire Barnett writes about her experience with M.E. and life as a busy parent.

    • Finding the Strength

      This moving story, which includes some upsetting subjects, was written by Canadian Barbara Smith. She openly reveals distressing events in her early life, and describes the ongoing challenges of living with M.E.

    • Inside I'm Dancing

      This is the story of M.E. sufferer and former dancer Chloe Leanne Brookes.

    • Jayshree Mukherjee-Jones

      Jayshree is currently writing an article about chronic illness and self-employment. 

    • Just Being: My M.E. Story

      This is the story of Michelle Mamode, a busy working mother, who was later diagnosed with M.E.

    • Learning to Live with M.E.

      Melanie Jane Edgar writes about managing M.E. in her academic career.

    • ME & My Wedding

      M.E. sufferer Jane Shaw writes about her wedding preparations and shares her wonderful day with us.

    • M.E. and the Single Person

      The ups and downs of life as a single M.E. sufferer by Tabitha Mellor.

    • M.E. Families

      Does M.E. run in the family? This anonymous author provides information and shares her own experience with us.
M.E. My Story

Twenty-one years ago, my brother Stuart helped me create M.E. Support, having introduced me to the internet. There was limited information about M.E. on the web, and personal experiences seemed to be restricted to forums, therefore I decided to write 'M.E. My Story'. This was an emotionally challenging process, and I was certainly nervous about publishing it, but messages instantly started arriving from grateful readers. It is incredibly important to share our stories, as they reassure and support fellow sufferers, along with educating the greater public. Here you can read my updated article, along with a review by M.E. Support Ambassador Rochelle Hanslow.

  • One Mother's Story

    This article was written by my mother and carer, Lorraine Sargent.

  • Pets & Chronic Illness

    What are the pros and cons of getting a pet when you have a chronic illness? Animal lover and M.E. Support Ambassador Rochelle Hanslow shares her experience with us.

  • Pregnancy & M.E.

    An insight into chronic illness and pregnancy by M.E. Support Ambassador, Rochelle Hanslow.

  • The Chronically Ill Student

    An encouraging and insightful account of life as an M.E. student by Jo Hadler.

  • The Day My Life Changed Forever

    One woman's personal account of her journey through Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

  • The Invisible Man: M.E. from the Male Perspective

    Statistically, M.E. affects more women than men, and in addition, men are more reluctant to talk about their health. A friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, has agreed to share his experience with us.




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