31 Jan 2019

Behind the Scenes at M.E. Support

Just Being: My M.E. Story

Michelle Mamode was a busy working mother when she became ill and was later diagnosed with M.E. She takes us though her journey and concludes with her insights into living with a chronic illness:

“My life has changed. Being ill has forced me to focus on my priorities. I suppose that would be the positive way of looking at things. I try to do the things I really want to do and leave the rest by the wayside. I have tried to find new lower energy activities to replace those I am no longer able to do. I have managed to get back to work in some capacity. But I still have dark days where I lie in bed missing the person I used to be and wishing that I had appreciated my health when I had it. I suppose the trick is to appreciate what I am still able to do and make the most of my new M.E. life. So now, as I reach my fiftieth year, that is what I consciously try to do each day, with differing degrees of success.”

You can read an extract of Michelle’s article, Just Being: My M.E. Story, in this month’s Blog post.