26 Jan 2019

Parliament debate on M.E treatment

House of Commons M.E. Debate

MPs Carol Monaghan, Nicky Morgan, Kelvin Hopkins & Stephen Pound secured an M.E. debate in the House of Commons on Thursday 24th January 2019. The ME Action Network have uploaded a copy of the debate on YouTube & the transcript is available at Hansard.

The Scottish Parliament also discussed M.E.  during their Public Petitions Committee. Jeane Freeman said, "To people living with M.E. – I believe you. I believe that this disease is a life-limiting disease in terms of the quality of your life, I hear what you are saying to us and your experience does matter to me.” The Swindon Advertiser reported that the Health Secretary pledges more support for people with ME.

You can follow this story and more on the M.E. Support Facebook Page.


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