1 Jan 2020

Happy New Year from M.E. Support

Help Needed

Please can you help me raise greater M.E. awareness? You can easily do this by sharing M.E. Support with your family and friends. Please also consider promoting M.E. Awareness Day 2020 by distributing leaflets and using merchandise from the M.E. Support Online Shop.

Donations assist me with my work here at M.E. Support. PayPal donations are used to cover the running costs i.e. my annual web hosting is due for renewal at £50. Amazon donations are also appreciated; I currently require ink, paper, envelopes and stamps.

I wouldn’t be able to manage M.E. Support without my wonderful team. Would you like to write an article or get involved with running the website? You will find details about current opportunities on the Volunteer page.

This website has been brought up-to-date and I’ll publish new articles over the coming months. Please follow the Facebook Page for daily M.E. related news, research and discussions. M.E. Support will be celebrating its 19th Anniversary in April and I’m making plans to secure its future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for any help you can provide.