M.E. Support 18th Anniversary
2001 – 2019




It is with great pleasure that I announce that this year, 2019, marks the 18th Anniversary of M.E. Support at www.mesupport.co.uk. The simple Homepage went live on Sunday, 1st April 2001 and gradually developed into the extensive website that you see today.

My name is Louise Sargent and I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in 1993, at the age of fourteen, following a tuberculosis vaccine and influenza. After several difficult years I was encouraged to write about my experience and reach out to other sufferers. M.E. Support was launched with the article M.E. My Story and I invited readers to get in touch with me. I was overwhelmed by the number of people wishing to share their stories and play an active role in building the site. M.E. Support has evolved these past eighteen years, adjusting to meet visitors’ needs, although the main concepts have remained the same – to provide accessible information, reliable advice and compassionate support.

I manage M.E. Support with the assistance of a small team of volunteers who provide a range of skills. It is difficult to keep up with demand, because of my own fluctuating health, although the work is very rewarding. M.E. Support is a self-funded non-profit cause which is now moving towards charitable status. This will enable us to have an even greater impact in the future and ensure our long-term sustainability.

Thank you for your support and generosity in helping me reach this wonderful milestone. I will continue to offer my guidance and provide a voice to sufferers living with this debilitating disease. Together we can make a difference, whilst working alongside other causes and charitable organisations, to provide a brighter future for our global M.E. community.



Louise Sargent
Founder & Webmaster
M.E. Support UK (MESUK)


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