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Since its launch in 2001, M.E. Support has published hundreds of inspirational and informative articles, including personal experiences and guidance from reputable organisations.

The M.E. Support Articles Index contains links to popular articles and information about forthcoming publications. You are welcome to send your comments and queries to any of the authors. M.E. Support articles are reviewed and updated annually to bring you the very latest information. Some older articles have been removed, replaced or archived; please Contact Me if you are looking for a particular subject or title.

Below, M.E. Support Ambassador Rochelle Hanslow describes the diversity of this extensive resource.


“When you’re diagnosed with an illness that not many GPs even seem informed about, it is really easy to lose hope. This illness can take a lot of things but we still have our voice! At M.E. Support you can not only read about fellow sufferers’ experiences and receive much needed guidance, but you can also be a part of it by sending Louise your own story. The Articles Index is the place you want to go to find personal experiences. It is separated into four different sections:

General Health

Relating to things such as food intolerances, pacing and graded activity, and alternative medicines.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Here you can find personal articles covering a broad spectrum of life. From coping with family to getting married, even caring for someone with this illness.

Related Conditions

This section is where you can find articles that are written about other chronic illnesses that can be similar to M.E. and that can even come directly with a diagnosis of M.E., such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Gulf War Syndrome and more.


An outlet for feelings in chronic illness is very effective, and in this section you can read how some lovely people with this illness use the time they have now to write literature, poetry and do artwork and crafts.

You are not alone in this illness even though it can get lonely; this area is here to help remind you of that.” 


Would you like to write an article for M.E. Support? Personal stories are always welcome and no writing experience is necessary; please visit the Volunteer page for further details.


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