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Chanel Islands

Please Contact Me if you would like your group listed here.






Cornwall & Isles of Scilly

  • Camborne/Redruth ME, Fibromyalgia and Carers Group
    Please contact Michele Short for details.
  • Saltash Fibro/CFS/ME Support Group
    Please contact Marcia Henning for details.
  • Truro ME/CFS Support Group
    Please contact Claire Brown for details. 
  • Wadebridge CFS, ME & Fibro Support Group
    Please contact Marianna Curtis for details.

County Durham







  • Devon ME Self-Help Group
    Please contact Jenny Wilson for details.
  • M.E, Myself & I Plymouth, U.K
  • M.E.N.D. (ME North Devon)
  • Please call Rosemary Walter on 01409 253191 for details.
  • Plymouth and District CFS/ME Group
    Please contact Ceri Rutter for details.
  • Tavistock ME/Fibromyalgia Support Group
    Please contact Sue Hammond for details.







Greater London


Greater Manchester


Hampshire & Isle of Wight







  • Hull and East Yorkshire ME and CFS Support Group
    Please contact Christopher Spencer for details.

Isle of Man















  • Northampton ME Support Group
    Please call Sharon Gibbins on 01604 637896 (2pm-4.30pm weekdays only) for details.

Northern Ireland



  • ME North East
  • South East Northumberland ME/CFS Support Group
    Please call Brian Boland on 01670 818115 or Sue Dennis on
    07877 526627 for details.





Republic of Ireland







  • Bridgnorth ME Support Group
    Please call Elizabeth Gilson on 01902 758822 for details.
  • Montgomery/South Shropshire ME Support Group
    Please contact Karen and Mike for details.
  • Oswestry area ME Support Group
    Please call Meg Campbell on 01691 657730 for details.
  • Shropshire ME Group 











Tyne & Wear






West Midlands













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  2. Behind the Scenes: Finding the Strength
  3. What is M.E.?
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    Diagnosis, Treatment & Prognosis

Trending Topics

Lyme Disease has received a lot of media coverage recently. The subject is covered on M.E. Support in Lyme Disease / Borreliosis & M.E. in the United Kingdom. For additional help and support, please visit Lyme Disease Action (UK) or LymeDisease.org (USA).

I am currently receiving a lot of enquiries about Candida. Please take a moment to read Candida & M.E. by Medical Herbalist Jo Dunbar. You are welcome to contact Jo at her clinic for more guidance.


Unrest Review

My brother Stuart and I went to our local screening of Unrest recently, an award-winning documentary film about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Jennifer Brea is about to marry the love of her life when she’s struck down by a fever that leaves her bedridden. When doctors tell her “it’s all in her head”, she turns her camera on herself and her community as she looks for answers and fights for a cure.

Although it was emotionally challenging to watch, we are pleased to share our views on this groundbreaking film with you.


Featured Product

These lovely enamel Pin Badges have been specially cast for M.E. Support.

This plain blue ribbon design is suitable for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia, Gulf War Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The badges are 25mm long and measure 14mm at the widest point (image not actual size). They have a nickel finish and a secure clutch pin fitting. These subtle badges are perfect for your jacket lapel and can be worn throughout the year.

They are a great investment at just £1.65 each. These badges are individually packaged in protective plastic bags. If your delivery address is outside the UK, please Contact Me for an Airmail quote before placing your order.


Amazon Wish List

One of the biggest expenses I have with running M.E. Support is the cost of office supplies. I created an Amazon Wish List so that you have the choice of supporting this cause with tangible items as an alternative to making a monetary donation.

Please consider purchasing an item from the list and Amazon will dispatch it to M.E. Support on your behalf. I currently require the following items and would appreciate any help you can provide:


How to Help

M.E. Support currently has a number of Volunteer opportunities available.

M.E. Support gratefully receives Donations and welcomes corporate, family or individual Sponsorship.

Would you like to promote a product or service? Reach potential customers with an Advertising package from M.E. Support.

M.E. Support will be launching fundraising packs and media kits in Spring 2018.


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10 Jul 2018
Latest Metabolites Research
30 Jun 2018
Finding the Strength
23 Jun 2018
Westminster Hall Debate
5 Jun 2018
Forward-ME Meetings
18 May 2018
Merryn Crofts Inquest Ruling
15 May 2018
Article by Hannah O'Brien
12 May 2018
M.E. Support Competition
8 May 2018
BBC Documentary
28 Apr 2018
The Synergy Trial
2 Apr 2018
European Network on ME/CFS




Latest News

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10 Jul 2018
Latest Metabolites Research
30 Jun 2018
Finding the Strength
23 Jun 2018
Westminster Hall Debate
5 Jun 2018
Forward-ME Meetings
18 May 2018
Merryn Crofts Inquest Ruling
15 May 2018
Article by Hannah O'Brien
12 May 2018
M.E. Support Competition
8 May 2018
BBC Documentary
28 Apr 2018
The Synergy Trial
2 Apr 2018
European Network on ME/CFS

Diary Dates

Severe ME Day
8 August, UK

CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative
19-20 September, Bristol

CFS/ME International Conference
26-27 November, Queensland

Int. M.E. Awareness Day
12 May, Global

#MillionsMissing M.E. Protest
12th May, Global

9th Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium

14th Int. ME Conference


Facebook Page

The M.E. Support Facebook Page is a moderated space on the social networking service.

This is an ideal place to read and comment on the latest news, discuss and seek advice on issues affecting M.E., along with getting to know like-minded people.

Simply log in or sign up for free and click 'Like' to join this growing community.




Competitions & Offers

Every year, M.E. Support holds a competition to send someone flowers for International May 12th Awareness Day.

Who would you nominate to receive this surprise gift? Please visit the Competition page for further details.


Hire Me

Through my experiences as an M.E. sufferer and webmaster, I have expanded my knowledge of health related issues, along with gaining skills in multimedia management.

I am currently Available to Hire for the following projects:

  • Reviews and sponsored posts related to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for M.E. Support.
  • Freelance writing assignments in the area of health.
  • Content creation and content curation for websites/blogs and social media.
  • Website development and social media management.

Bexhill Social Group

Alongside my work here at M.E. Support, I run a Social Group for people living with M.E. and related conditions in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex.

These informal monthly gatherings are a chance to meet other sufferers for friendship and support.




Louise's Gallery

Away from M.E. Support I am a keen amateur photographer. I enjoy all photographic subjects,
and I have a passion for capturing light in the natural world.

You can view a selection of my photographs, or purchase prints and greetings cards, in my online portfolio at Louise's Gallery.