Go Blue for M.E.

by M.E. Support Ambassador Rochelle Hanslow




M.E. Support provides a wide range of awareness‐raising merchandise that can be used all year round. Spreading awareness isn’t just a one‐day job and, with the fabulous merchandise on offer, it’s even easier to do your bit for M.E. Support and, what’s more, it’s at fantastic prices too! All money raised goes into helping Louise with M.E. Support. All transactions in the M.E. Support Online Shop are fully secured and items are quick and easy to order. All the products in the store are designed and manufactured in the UK helping to promote and support some great small businesses.


Awareness Pack [Sold Out]

You can buy an M.E. Support awareness pack for £20.00 ​which gives you multiple items: 1 pack of 5 awareness ribbons, 1 pack of 10 balloons, 1 cotton tote bag, 1 embroidered patch, 1 greeting card, 1 keyring, 1 pin badge, 1 pair of silicone wristbands and 1 sticker pack, as well as promotional material to help raise much needed support and awareness, and which gives you a taste of all the products available too.


Awareness Ribbons [Sold Out]

Louise started awareness ribbons for M.E. Awareness Day on May 12th each year, although the great thing about the design of these is that they have no year date so can be used multiple times. The ribbons are of great quality, hard‐wearing and water resistant, and easily attach with a metallic safety pin. They come in packs of 5, which means you can place them on multiple jackets and they easily pin on to bags and purses too, which gives you the chance to share them with other family members. The pack is great value at only £2.25 (usually £4.50) for the pack of 5, which works out at 45p per ribbon!

These ribbons don’t need to be around for just May 12th, however, as you can wear them all year round to promote M.E. Support and the illness. They are great for other occasions, such as wedding favours. My husband and I decided to have 3 different charity/organisation favours alongside our CD favour for our wedding. Louise was really very helpful and made sure we got exactly what we needed and in great time too. The ribbon came attached to a card with the details of M.E. Support and looked really professional, yet personal too. Once added to our own organza bags, with our personal reasoning behind the choice, it really topped it off nicely and was a great quality item that helped M.E. Support and raised awareness.



M.E. Support Balloons are great for fundraising events, for decoration, as well as giving out to kids at an event, as they are easily connected to air or helium so you don’t have to run out of puff! They are a standard 12” latex balloon and feature a great design which is simple and to the point so everyone will know what you’re fundraising for! These would be great as charity favours for a wedding or for putting into a charity pack for an event. They are sold in packs of 10 and are now only 50p per pack.


Cotton Tote Bags [Sold Out]

Now more than ever, these Cotton Totes Bags are in high demand. You not only help raise money and awareness but they also save you the 5p per bag charge whilst doing your bit for the environment! I love my tote bags and keep them in the car but they are easily folded and kept in a handbag too, so you always have a bag for shopping with you. They are made from natural cotton and measure 43cm x 38cm with long, sturdy shoulder handles. The bag itself is very lightweight and can hold a great deal of shopping. I use my M.E. Support bags frequently and can fit in tins and loaves, as well as larger, heavier items like bottles, etc., without any problem. These limited edition bags are a fantastic price at only £2.21 each (usually £4.25) and are of such good quality you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!


Embroidered Patches

Alternatively, if you want something to put on a bag or item of clothing, there is a beautifully made M.E. Support Embroidered Patch​ which can be sewn or ironed on. The patch is 75mm in diameter and features the blue awareness ribbon with the M.E. Support website address as well as the May 12th Awareness Day date. The patch is definitely worth 58p and, although there isn’t currently any M.E Support clothing available, these patches mean you can make your own and raise awareness in your own way.


Event Pack [Pre-Order]

Whether you are planning an event for May 12th, raising money for M.E Support, or simply want to spread awareness, this Event Pack has everything you need to do that with ease. The pack includes: two dozen A5 promotional leaflets and ‘business' cards (sold at cost), two dozen trifold What is M.E.? information leaflets, a sheet of thirty-five lapel stickers and ten printed balloons. The price for this pack is £5.00, and at only £3.00 postage and packaging, it’s fantastic value for high quality products. The pack can be easily teamed with ribbons, badges or wristbands, which are all also available from the store, but you'll have to be quick as stocks are limited on these increasingly popular items. Purchase the event pack now from M.E Support and spread awareness without breaking the bank!


Greeting Cards [Pre-Order]

In order to raise more funds for M.E. Support, Louise has recently added hand-crafted Greetings Cards to the online store. The greeting cards are not only crafted by Louise herself, but the beautiful photographs featured on the fronts of these cards were taken by Louise as well. She has chosen some of her favourite scenic photos, along with a selection of beautiful images featuring nature and wildlife, all of which are vibrant and perfectly in focus.

The photos are printed in high quality and attached to premium white card. These A5 cards are blank on the inside so that you can send them to anyone at any time over the year. The backs of these cards feature a traditional black ink stamp with Louise’s photography signature. It also states that they are “Sold in aid of MESupport.co.uk", so the receiver will know not only that you’ve supported an important cause, but that they are not generic greeting cards.

The cards are sold in packs of five and priced at £5 plus postage and they come complete with crisp white envelopes. Louise will be adding more greeting cards to the range over the coming months so please check back regularly. Her photographs are also available as mounted prints, which are sold in aid of M.E. Support as well; please view her portfolio in Louise’s Gallery.



These beautiful, high‐quality metal Keyrings have been handmade for M.E. Support and have become very popular. They feature the M.E Support blue Awareness ribbon surrounded by the website address and ‘May 12th M.E. Awareness Day’. These are great for raising awareness and support because they can be attached to so many things ‐ for example, your car keys, house keys, purse or bag ‐ but they also make a great gift and, with their securely attached chain, you can rest assured they’ll stay put. They are 60p per keyring (usually £2.40) which is fantastic value for awareness‐raising keyrings and they would make a great addition or substitute for wedding favours as everyone could use one! Don’t forget that if you do want any of these items for personal events, Contact Louise directly and she will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Pin Badges [Sold Out]

If keyrings aren’t your thing, then there are M.E. Support pin badges. These enamel pin badges are simple and elegant to wear whilst showing your support for M.E. The plain blue ribbon design is suitable for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia, Gulf War Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. They measure 25mm long x 14mm at the widest point. They look lovely on a jacket or, if you prefer, they also work on a handbag or backpack and, at only 80p per badge (usually £1.60), you could definitely put them on all of the above!


Silicone Wristbands [Discontinued]

The M.E. Support silicone wristbands ​are fantastic ‐ they are lightweight, a lovely colour of blue and are professionally embossed with 'May 12th M.E. Awareness www.mesupport.co.uk’ ‐ fashionable yet a simple and effective way to support the cause day in, day out. These bands are unisex and come in pairs for the bargain price of £2.85, which allows you to either make a statement and pair them together or share with a friend or family member.


Sticker Pack

The Sticker Pack is a simple but effective way of raising awareness with your family and friends. The pack contains one round 100mm window sticker and a strip of five round 35mm lapel stickers. These easy-peel stickers have a white background and feature the blue ribbon surrounded by ‘May 12th M.E. Awareness www.mesupport.co.uk’.  I have put a window sticker in the small side window of my car so it is clearly visible by others but doesn’t obstruct my view, although I have seen support stickers in bedroom windows, workplace windows etc., which are just as effective. The smaller stickers can be applied to stationery, phone covers, mobility aids, or you can wear one on your clothing this May 12th. If you’re holding an event, such as a birthday party or wedding, these could be great as part of goodie bags or as favours! Available at a fantastic price of 50p per pack (usually £1.50), there is no reason to not spread awareness with this great item.


There will be more products added to the store throughout the year so please keep an eye out on the website and, of course, on the M.E. Support Facebook Page. Louise always likes to give back to the people who follow M.E. Support by way of free delivery or free gift promotions throughout the year; these will always be advertised on the Facebook Page too, so if you haven’t “liked” it yet, what are you waiting for? Please also note that the website store is the only place to buy these fantastic items, so make sure you save it to your bookmark and keep visiting!

If your order is over £40, Louise will give a 10% discount, which is great if you are thinking of getting multiple items, such as wedding favours, gifts, for events, etc. All orders over £30 are sent fully insured and require a signature on arrival; all other post is via 1st and 2nd class in the UK and takes up to 5 working days to arrive. As Louise believes in the personal touch, you will receive an email once your items have been dispatched. Customers from outside the UK are, of course, also welcomed and should Contact Louise directly for an airmail quote to make sure everything arrives safely and without any hidden cost. M.E. Support not only cares about raising awareness for chronic illness but also cares a great deal about our planet, which is why Louise decided to send all products in reused or recycled packaging in order to play her part in helping the environment.

If you have an idea about a product you would like to see in the store, Louise is always open to suggestions so please don’t hesitate to contact her and she’ll do her best to see how feasible your idea might be. With so many options at such great prices there is no reason why you can’t help M.E. Support and raise awareness and support all year round. If you would prefer to make a donation rather than purchase an item, all Donations are, of course, gratefully received.


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