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Sticker Pack



This sticker pack is a simple but effective way of raising awareness. Priced at just 50p per pack (usually £1.50), this is an inexpensive way of showing your support.

The round window stickers measure 100mm in diameter (image not actual size) and feature a blue ribbon surrounded by 'May 12th M.E. Awareness www.mesupport.co.uk'. They have been thermal printed onto white static cling vinyl; simply peel them off the protective paper and place them inside the window of your choice. Why not put one in your window at home or workplace or simply display one on your car windscreen? They are perfect for sharing with family and friends or distributing locally.

They are accompanied by five round lapel stickers featuring the same design. The self-adhesive vinyl stickers measure 35mm in diameter. Please help raise awareness by asking your family and friends to wear one on May 12th. They have many other uses as well! Why not seal your envelopes with them or stick one on your mobile case or wheelchair? Larger sheets of thirty-five lapel stickers are sold in Event Packs.




If you would like to place an order from outside of the UK,
please Contact Me for an international delivery quote.